PM Cerar after EC meeting: correct measures, implementation is significant

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, has been attending a regular meeting of the European Council in Brussels, and the so-called mini-summit of some member states with Turkey. These meetings focused on controlling migration, reform of the EU as proposed by the UK, security in the European Union and strengthening the Economic Monetary Union. At the end of the meeting, the PM said that the adopted decisions were correct, and that, particularly regarding migration, it is crucial to redeem the pledges. 

Before yesterday's meeting, there was an information meeting of several EU member states with Turkey, which was also attended by the Slovenian PM. This meeting mainly focused on the implementation of the migration action plan with Turkey. The leaders agreed that both sides should fulfil their part of the agreement: Turkey should significantly lower the migration influx and prevent further illegal crossing into the EU, while the EU should provide the agreed funds and establish the conditions to legally receive refugees. 

Within the meeting of the European Council on the topic, leaders of EU member states discussed the Commission's proposal to create an EU border and coast guard. The Slovenian PM expressed support for the proposal, as Slovenia has always sought effective control of EU’s external borders. In principle, the PM also expressed support for the joint pledge to move refugees from Turkey on the basis of the principle of solidarity, but countries’ integration capacities should be taken into account. Transfer can only take place when the migration stops and the capacities of countries like Slovenia are not full due to the daily transit of refugees or migrants, said the Slovenian PM. 

PM Cerar hopes that there will be significant progress in controlling migration in the next few months. He believes that the agreed measures are correct and sufficient, and it is particularly important to implement them accordingly. 

One of the main topics was EU reform based on the UK’s demands. After the discussion, Cerar said that Slovenia wants a strong, effective and connected European Union with the UK as member. He expressed understanding for their reform proposals, and assessed many as constructive and worth considering. However, Slovenia will not agree to changes to the core treaties of the EU. The PM also stressed the significance of one of the fundamental freedoms of the EU, the free movement of people, which should not be curtailed, while also expressing understanding for the search for solutions to prevent abuse of these freedoms, such as, for example, with regard to social benefits, which has been highlighted by the United Kingdom. 

At today’s continuation of the meeting, the leaders discussed security and economic issues. They committed to strengthening cooperation on fighting terrorism, and discussed the current situation in Syria and Libya. Members of the European Council expressed further support for strengthening the European Monetary Union and the internal marker and were briefed on economic forecasts by the European Central Bank.

Like other participants, the Slovenian Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the climate deal achieved in Paris.